What are home care packages?

Home Care Packages provide older people with a coordinated range of quality care and services that help them maintain their independence. Whether it’s a bit of help with the weekly shop, managing personal care, or more complex nursing needs, these packages are tailored to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Carexcell’s Personal Touch

At Carexcell, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. Our approach to home care is flexible and innovative. We work closely with our clients, and their families, to craft personalised care plans and budgets. It’s not just about providing services; it’s about enhancing life. We believe in giving you the power to make decisions about your care. After all, who knows your needs better than you?

The beauty of our care and services is how readily they’re tailored for you. Whether you need a bit of help with household tasks, equipment for easier mobility, or more personal forms of care, we’ve got you covered. Our team of Care Managers and nurses are trained to assess and respond to your unique needs, ensuring your care plan meets your goals and preferences.

Carexcell believes your financial circumstances should never be a barrier to receiving quality care. We’re committed to finding the most affordable and effective solutions for you. Our care plans are not just about meeting your physical needs; they’re about respecting your dignity and choices.

Carexcell’s Range of Services

Home Care Packages come in four levels, from low care needs (levels 1 & 2) to more complex, high-care requirements (levels 3 & 4). At Carexcell, we provide all levels of packages. Our goal is to ensure you feel supported and valued, no matter what level of care package you receive.

At Carexcell, we believe in a personalised approach to care management. Your Care Manager will be your point of contact, guiding you through your care journey. They will work with you to understand your needs, goals, and preferences, ensuring your care plan is perfectly aligned with your life.

The frequency of communication with your Care Manager depends on your package level and personal needs. Whether it’s a monthly check-in or a weekly chat, we adapt to what suits you best.
From general household assistance to specialised nursing care, our range of services is extensive. At Carexcell, we ensure that all services are delivered by highly trained and vetted professionals, adhering to the highest standards.

Your Partner in Home Care

Home Care Packages from Carexcell offer a comprehensive, flexible, and personal approach to home care. We’re here to support you, enabling and empowering you to live your best life with dignity and independence. If you or a loved one could benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to discuss how we can tailor a Home Care Package to your unique needs.

Interested in learning more about Home Care Packages? Contact Carexcell today and discover how we can assist you in living your best life at home.

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What we can help with

Personal Care

Carexcell’s personal care services enable clients to maintain their dignity and independence by providing assistance with everyday essential tasks. We can provide these services on an ongoing basis or just when required, for example when recovering from surgery. Personal Care services include showering, grooming, dressing, toileting, support with meals, mobility and support with medications.

Carexcell’s domestic assistance services enable you to maintain your home the way you like it. Our Community Carers can help with chores around the home, including making your bed, doing the dishes, vacuuming and mopping, laundry, grocery shopping and supporting you to maintain a safe home environment.

Domestic Assistance

Meal Preparation

Carexcell’s team of Community Carers can support you to go grocery shopping and continue to make your favourite meals at home. Our staff are always looking to make your favourite recipes to ensure you can eat familiar and nutritious meals. Alternatively, we can support you to receive ready to eat meals delivered to your door.

Carexcell’s qualified Community Carer’s can support you to get out and about to attend social gatherings, events, medical appointments and even do local errands and shopping. More than just a taxi service, our team support you from the moment you leave your door to when you’re safely home.


Care Management & Service

(We Manage your services)

Carexcell’s professional team of Care Managers work with you to understand what your goals and preferences are, and undertake assessments to ensure that your needs are being met. We partner with you, and your representatives, to ensure that your care and services work well within your broader support network, are culturally safe, and identify and manage risks that may be present.

Carexcell’s Registered Nurses and network of Allied Health providers can help you maintain your wellness by supporting the management of ongoing health conditions and by providing rehabilitation support after surgery or injury. Our qualified team can help with wound care, medication management, continence management, diabetes management, catheter care and much more.

Nursing & Allied Health

(Home Nursing)

Social Support

Carexcell supports you to remain connected with your community, with friends and with loved ones. Our trained and qualified staff can support you to do meaningful activities within your home, provide companionship and assist you with transport to events and social gatherings. Available as a one off, or on an ongoing basis, our social support services enhance your life.

Carexcell’s home maintenance team can make sure that your home remains neat, tidy and safe for you to enjoy. If you are unable to maintain your own garden, or undertake basic home maintenance, our team can do it for you. Whether it is routine lawn mowing, pressure washing pathways so you have safe entry and exit to your home, or changing a light bulb our trained team are there for you.

Home Maintenance

Respite Care

Our qualified staff can give your Carer some time away from home while we are there to support you. While we are with you we can provide companionship or support with household tasks. This vital service allows your Carer to attend to personal errands or use the time for selfcare.

What is the process


Check your eligibility:
a) Over 65 years of age,
b) Over 50 years of age for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


Apply for a Home Care Package via My Aged Care


Have a formal face to face assessment


Ensure that you complete your Services Australia Financial Assessment


Receive approval for a Home Care Package and be placed on the National Waitlist for a package


Choose a Home Care Package provider that can meet your needs and goals


When you are allocated a package, review and sign your Home Care Package agreement


Commence receiving services

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