Services Provided by Care Finders

Care Finders offer a range of services to assist older people. They help people with accessing aged care services for the first time, making changes to existing services, and finding new supports. Care Finders role includes talking to aged care services on behalf of clients, arranging assessments, and ensuring that the services provided meet the individual’s needs. Their support is vital in ensuring older people receive the care and assistance they require to improve their quality of life. At Carexcell we do this for people facing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless and by assisting people with searching for appropriate housing solutions.

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The Necessity of Care Finders in the Aged Care System

Navigating the aged care system in Australia can be daunting, often described as a minefield. It’s a journey filled with numerous decisions and steps, where making the right choices at the right time is crucial. For many, this process can be overwhelming, leading to confusion and frustration. is where Care Finders come in. They play an essential role in guiding older people through this complex system, ensuring they make informed decisions about their care.

Target Audience and Eligibility for Care Finder Services

Care Finder services target older Australians, people over 65 years of age (or 55 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) who need intensive support to interact with My Aged Care, access aged care services, and find other relevant supports in the community. For example, applying for suitable housing opportunities. This includes those who are eligible for aged care services and require additional support due to various reasons, such as cognitive difficulties, lack of family support, or other challenges. Care Finders ensure that these individuals receive the personalised care and attention they need.

Carexcell’s Care Finder Services

At Carexcell, we work with eligible people to help them access appropriate housing. Carexcell is also able to support eligible people to access My Aged Care to establish needed supports in their new housing. Our approach is centred around understanding each individual’s unique needs and preferences. We believe in providing personalised support, ensuring that the elderly in our community receive the best possible care tailored to their specific circumstances.

Our Care Finder service focuses on offering face-to-face support. This personalised approach helps in identifying the best housing and care options that align with the individual goals and needs. We assist in demystifying the aged care system, helping clients understand the various services available to them and ensuring that they can make informed choices that best suit their situation.

Comprehensive Assessment and Service Coordination

One key aspect of our service involves comprehensive assessments. Before discussing home care package options, we gather relevant information about each older person’s functional ability, cognition, social, and community life aspects. This holistic assessment is crucial in creating a care plan that reflects their current needs, especially considering that needs may change over time while waiting for service allocation.

Our team reviews previous assessments, such as those done by Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT), and updates them to reflect any changes. This ensures that when it’s time to choose a home care package provider, the decision is based on the most current and accurate understanding of the individual’s needs.

Advantages of Choosing Carexcell for Care Finder Services

Opting for Carexcell’s Care Finder services means choosing a team dedicated to your well-being and peace of mind. Our expertise in navigating the aged care system, combined with our commitment to personalisation and comprehensive assessment, ensures that you or your loved ones receive the most suitable care and support.

In conclusion, Care Finders play an essential role in helping older Australians access the right aged care services. Carexcell’s dedicated Care Finder services offer personalised support and expert guidance through the complexities of the aged care system. If you or a loved one requires assistance in navigating aged care services, don’t hesitate to contact Carexcell. We’re here to provide you with the support and care you need.

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