Veterans Home Care

Veterans Home Care can provide you with approved one off or ongoing services. Our team are fully qualified Carers who are dedicated to ensuring all VHC Clients needs are met.

On receiving your referral, you will be contacted by our friendly VHC experts to assess your needs. Once you have had an initial phone assessment your services can commence.

One Off services that may be approved

Safety-Related Home and Garden Maintenance — maximum of 15 hours per year to minimise hazards and keep the home in a safe and habitable condition
Activities may include:
Replacing light bulbs
Cleaning gutters and windows
Changing batteries in smoke and/or security alarms
Please note that other activities may be available based on your assessed needs.

Ongoing Care services that may be approved

Domestic Help
Internal house cleaning
Unaccompanied shopping using a shopping list
Unaccompanied bill paying

Personal Care
Getting in and out of bed

Are there any costs involved?

Yes. However, the costs are capped to limit their impact on your budget.
Domestic Assistance is capped at $5 per week, Personal Care at $5 per hour, capped at $10 per week

Practical help that keeps you independent.

Carexcell Community Care is a proud provider of Veteran’s Home Care (VHC). This unique service enables us to support veterans, or their widow/ers, with small amounts of help so they can continue to live independently.

For those living with complex or high-level needs talk to our team and we will support you to access the appropriate services.

How do I access this service?
  1. Call or contact us
  2. We will support you to discuss your circumstance with the VHC Assessment Agency
  3. You will agree to your services on the phone and a VHC Care plan will be sent to you and your provider.
The VHC Care Plan will include:
  1. details of what is approved
  2. the period of approval
  3. the co-payment amount
  4. your service provider
  5. your assessment agency
  6. Once you have established your services you will be reassessed every 6-9 months to ensure that we’re continuing to meet your needs.
Am I eligible?

You are eligible for an assessment if you have a:

  • Veteran Gold Card
  • Veteran White Card for an accepted service-related injury or condition
  • Carers and family members of Gold Card and White Card holders with an accepted service-related condition may be eligible for an assessment.

Carexcell would love to talk to you about how we can help. Please contact us to discuss your eligibility, Veterans Home Care services or to make the switch. We believe that every person is entitled to receive the care and services they need no matter their financial circumstance.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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