Out of Hospital Care

The Out of Hospital Care (OHC) Program is an NSW Ministry of Health funded initiative. The program is for people of all ages who are either patients of a NSW Health public hospital or people who have been referred for OHC services by a NSW Health Community Health Team.

OHC is a six-week program that includes the ComPacks, Safe and Supported at Home (SASH) and End of Life (EoL) programs intended to prevent avoidable admissions to hospital and support people discharged from hospital.

It gives people tailored non-clinical case management and home care services across short and medium-term packages.

Who is eligible?

People of any age who are either in-patients of an NSW Health public hospital or have been referred by a NSW Health Community Health Team for OHC services are eligible. People who are eligible for the program may have acute or chronic health conditions or disabilities that make managing their daily activities difficult or place them at risk of avoidable hospitalisation.

OHC is for low to medium levels of care services in the home. It covers personal care, domestic assistance, transport, social support, meals and respite. It is not intended for people who need long-term intensive home care.

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Out of Hospital Care